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Poliagri Flowers and Plants is located in a dutch colony in the state of Sao Paulo and has been originated as a familiar company. Its works began in mid 1952. It was founded by a Dutch imigrant and patriarch of the family who fled from the World War II wreckage and found in Brazil a new opportunity of life. It was here, in the Netherlands of Brazil, that the claw of this imigrant made the first branches of Poliagri Flowers and Plants begin to show life. Today, the company relies on the help of his soon and his biologist granddaughter, graduated at Sao Paulo State University - UNESP, in addition to other family members and other employees, who also battle together for the growth and development of the company.

Currently, the company is specialized in the sector of ornamental flowers and plants and has also cereal production. It is worth to emphasize that the Poliagri Flowers and Plants is an environment - friendly business, since agricultural practices are carried out through the no-till cultivation system and modern terraces techniques, avoiding the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment as well as soil heating and erosion. Moreover, a system to capture rainfall water was built at the farm to better perform the irrigation of flowers and plants in the greenhouses.

Our plants are all directly commercialized through the biggest cooperative of flowers and plantas in Brazil, the Veiling. The Veiling is a dutch auction system, installed in the city of Holambra in 1989, which offers the sale of flowers and plants to distributors, wholesalers and professionals of this department throughout Brazil. 

Become a Veiling client through their website (www.veiling.com.br) or find a wholesaler close to you and purchase our products!



To complement our list of services, in 2011 we founded the Poliagri Biotechnology Laboratory that fosters the orchid seedlings of the company. In order to ensure the excellence of our plants, most of our seedlings are propagated by plant tissue culture, providing plant clones with a high quality standard. Aiming the genectic improvement, we also have some plants originated from interspecific crosses that were performed within our company. We use the technology as a tool to obtain healthy and uniform seedings, with superior characteristics.
Our plants and flowers are highly diversified, and  we mainly cherish for their quality.
This is a commitment assumed by our professionals, since the satisfaction of our clients is our greatest reward.
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Poliagri - Flores & Plantas

Bairro Alegre - Caixa Postal 116
Holambra - SP - Brasil
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(19) 9 9916-8696

Torne-se um cliente Veiling (www.veiling.com.br) 
ou encontre um atacadista na sua região 

e adquira os nossos produtos!

Become a Veiling client (www.veiling.com.br)
or find a wholesaler close to you and purchase 
our products!


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