The Poinsettia is popularly known as  "Christmas flower" and is a widely used plant for decorative purposes, especially at Christmas time .
These plants have a very interesting feature : what appear to be flower petals are actually modified red, white and pink leaves. The true flowers of the plant are tiny, almost insignificant, showing no colors and attractive shapes .
They are considered short-days plants because they bloom on days where the amount of light is lower (that is, in autumn and winter in Brazil ) . So that they are available during the Christmas season (the Brazilian summer , where the days are longer ) techniques are used for darkening greenhouses, with the aim of prolonging the nights for plants to flourish even in summer .
The poinsettias are sold in pots and can be planted outdoors, reaching up to 3 feet tall . They need full sun or environments with high luminosity to develop well . Waterings are constant but the soil must not be soggy.
These plants are available at Poliagri Flowers & Plants from November to December and are sold in 11 , 14 and 27 pots.

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